Ping and send SMS (PingSMS)

PingSMS version 1.0.0 is a command based application that automatically monitor hosts or devices and internet lines for availability (up or down) and alerts you instantaneously via SMS.



PingSMS is run under both 32 bits and 64 bits of Microsoft Windows environment: Windows XP, Windows7, Windows server 2003 and Windows server 2008.


  Ping multiple hosts and devices (unlimited)

  Send SMS to one or many phone number.

  Allow you to set the number of consecutive packet timed out/replied before sending SMS.
That means you can receive SMS notification when the host is down or up after the number of consecutive packet lost or replied.

  Log file in .CSV format that can be used to send SMS by other systems (SMS Gateway, Online SMS).

Different versions

Version name

Comparing features


Free to try

Ping only one host at a time and send SMS to only one mobile phone number


Lite version

-          Like the Full version, exclude sending SMS by mobile phone or GSM modem.

-         Lite version is compatible for sending SMS by other systems using .CSV log file


Full version

-          Ping many hosts at a time (unlimited)

-          For each host, send SMS to multiple mobile phone numbers (unlimited) via a Mobile phone or GSM modem.